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Thaat Kafi Prahar R'nS m, gm P g - RS
Aaroha 'n - S - g - m - P - n - S' Vaadi m
Avroha S' - n - D - P - mP g - m - g - R - S Samvaadi S
Pakad R'nS m, gm P g - RS Jaati R'nS m, gm P g - RS
This Raga is not found in early treatises on music and it is a relatively later Raga which came in common repertoire around 18th century. Scholars believe that this Raga has emerged from Dhanashree Ang, which was common in medieval times. Raga Dhanashree gives emphasis on Pancham and on the contrary, Bhimpalasi has Madhyam as key-note. The Audav form of Bhimpalasi is Raga Dhaani which prevails in most of the worldwide music-cultures in the form of pentatonic scale.
Raga Bhimpalasi, one of the most common and popular Ragas, belongs to Kafi Thaat having komal n & g. The etymology of Raga name suggests Bheem (vast, big) + Palas (a tree – Flame of the Forest / Bastard Teak / Parrot Tree), i.e. the Raga has vast expanse.This Raga is equally effective in Poorvang and Uttarang, but is predominantly rendered in Poorvang.There are many compositions of Khayal, Tarana, Tappa Ang Bandish, Bandhi Thumri, Bhajan, but we found a few traditional Dhrupad and Dhamar in this Raga.

This afternoon Raga has a serene mood.

Raag Assets

सा – ‘नीसारे ‘नी -, ‘पसानी सा । ‘प’नीसारे ‘नीसा रेसारे रे सा |
सारे’नी – ‘ध’प, ‘प’नीसा’नी ‘ध ‘प -, ‘म’प सानी ‘पनीसा |
‘म’पसा’नी ‘ध’प-, ‘प’ध’म’प सानी ‘पनीसा । ‘नीसारे’नी – ‘ध’प, ‘पसानी सा |
नीसारे’नीसा म – म- रेसारे सा । ‘नीसाम – म सा रेसानी ‘प सानी सा |
नीसाम- , सामप मप रेसारे सा |
‘प’नीसारे ‘नीसाम प मप -, सामप- मपधप मप सा रेसारे सानी ‘पनीसा |
नीसाम प मपनी धप, मपनी धपमप रेसा |
मपसा’नीसा’नी सा’ -, पनीसा’नी धप मप सा-म रेसा |
मपसा’नीसा’नी सा’ -, पनीसा’रे’ नीसा’‘ रे’सा’रे’ सा’-, मपसा’नी धप मप नी-धप मप , सा रेसानी ‘पनी सा |
नीसा’रे’ नीसा’‘- सा’‘म’‘ रे’सा’रे’ सा’-, सा’रे’नीसा’ म’- म’प’‘, नीसा’म’‘ रे’सा’, नीसा’‘म’प’ म’प’‘ म’‘रे’सा’, पसा’नीरे’सा’ नीधप, मपनी धप मप, ‘नीसाम मरेसानी ‘पनीसा |
नीसामप मपनीसा’ पनीसा’‘म’ ‘रे’सा’, नीसा’‘म’प’ म’प’‘म’ ‘रे’सा’, सा’नीधप मपनी धपमपरेसारे सा |
‘प’नीसारे ‘नीसाम- मपनी मपसा’ -, पनीसा’रे’ नीसा’म’- सा’म’‘रे’सा’, पसा’नीधप, सामरेसा |
नीसामरेसा, मपसा’नीधप, नीसा’म’‘रे’सा’, प’- ‘म’प’म’‘रे’सा’, सा’- पनीसा’नीधपम, प- मपम रेसा |