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    Smt. Sonali Bajpai Dixit

She runs the Swar Bhasha school of music and has been active in this field for the past several years.She also had a youtube social channel @ Swar Bhasha Channel to promote Indian Classical music by free tutorials. Sonali started her classical music journey by learning vocal music when she was thirteen years old.
Sonali has always believed in imparting the right education to students and that too in a systematic and structured way.
Sonali, who has a Master’s degree from the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule University of Bareilly , also completed Prabhakar from Prayaag Samiti ,Allahabaad.

Sonali has performed in many prestigious concerts in Bareilly and jodhpur and won accolades for the same. She is Blessed with a soulful voice.