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Welcome To Swar Bhasha
Classical Music

Welcome To Swar Bhasha

A School of Music , Singing and Performing Art. Where anyone can explore the hidden treasure of Indian Classical Music and Dance.

Classical Music

Swar Bhasha Guru


Smt. Sonali Bajpai Dixit
She runs the Swar Bhasha school of music and has been active in this field for the past several years.She also had a youtube social channel @ Swar Bhasha Channel to promote Indian Classical music by free tutorials. Sonali started her classical music journey by learning vocal music when she was thirteen years old.
Sonali has always believed in imparting the right education to students and that too in a systematic and structured way.
Sonali, who has a Master’s degree from the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule University of Bareilly , also completed Prabhakar from Prayaag Samiti ,Allahabaad.

Sonali has performed in many prestigious concerts in Bareilly  and Jodhpur and won accolades for the same. She is Blessed with a soulful voice.

Swar Bhasha Guru

Who we are? ...Why we do what we do?


Having been in touch with the Music and performing artists for many years, we’ve realized that the power of information and communication technology has not yet helped artists to make their mark in the world.

India has a rich tradition of Music and  performing arts and the talent that breeds in the cities, towns and villages of India is simply awesome. Singers and musicians, dancers artists and many more… the list is endless.

We realized that it is possible for internet to help these artists to grow big by reaching a larger audience. Today, people learn about the artists only through newspapers and word of mouth. These mediums are not enough for the millions of art lovers who are looking for entertainment options worldwide. More and more people are looking for entertaining programs that they can host during celebrations. These entertaining programs add value to the celebrations and make them more memorable. Entertainment programs are becoming an integral part of celebrations whether corporate, family or public.

We want Swar Bhasha to become the bridge that will connect the artists and art lovers. We want it to contribute in its own way to the transformation of the performing arts field into a buzzing industry. We want to offer more and more facilities to the artists  to create their brand on the web worldwide. We also wish to bring novel entertainment options to the people, to make their celebrations more joyous, memorable and meaningful.

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